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Our Mission

We are a stealth startup, on a mission to make the awesome power of boxing accessible to everyone at home.



Every Body 

Every Mind

Hear From Our Users

"I was surprised by the immersion. I did not think I could get so absorbed by the exercise."


Meet Our Institutional Investors

Meet Our Individual Investors

We are backed by a remarkable group of athletes, entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Nicolas Béraud, Founder & CEO, Betclic //​​ Jonathan Cherki, Founder & CEO, Content Square //​ Charles Gorintin, Co-founder & CTO, Alan //​ Benjamin Kayser, Partner, Teampact Ventures //​ Ciryl Gane, UFC Heavyweight Champion //​ David Gane, Risk & Compliance Strategy, Meta //​ Cyril Benzaquen, Kickboxing Champion //​ Jean Lafleur, Co-founder & COO, Airbyte //​ Christophe Raynaud, Co-founder, ISAI //​ Bertrand Picard, Co-founder & CEO, Natural Grass //​ Joan Burkovic, Co-founder & CEO, Bankin’ & //​ Marie-Anne Teissier, Co-founder, Neoness & Episod //​ Guillaume Sztejnberg, Founder & CEO, Green Panda Games //​ Jean-Yves Stephan, Co-founder & CEO, Data Mechanics //​ Jérôme Boé, Co-founder & CEO, Marmelapp //​ Gaël Fickou, Centre, Racing 92, XV de France player, Teampact //​ Julien Marchand, Talonneur, Stade Toulousain, XV de France player, Teampact //​ Romain Magri, Founder & CEO, Metafore //​ Ilias Hicham, Co-founder & CPO, Mindsay //​ Didier Kuhn, Partner, 50 Partners & Galion //​ Antoine Lescure, Partner, 50 Partners //​ Frédéric Liwer, Founder, ATID //​ Sylvain Bouchès, Head of Marketing France, Lego Group //​ Tristan Parr, Co-founder & COO, Punch Box Studio //​ David & Julien Zenou, Founders Ingénia //​ Hadrien Mollard, Co-founder & Partner, Oaklins //​ Kilian Barbier, M&A Associate, Oaklins //​ Konstantinos Kostis, Managing Director, Kostogri //​ Alexandre Tsouli, Co-founder & Partner, Letus //​ Jérémy Lapouge, Principal, Heritage Holdings //​ Pierre-Antoine Nonotte-Varly, Managing Director, Sienna Gestion //​ Thomas Fratacci, CFO, Sprim Global Investments //​ Maxime Kusak Depailler, M&A Partner, Wine Bankers Co //​ Ludovic Maulucci, Partner, Olma Capital //​ Guillaume Suarez, M&A Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch //​ Etienne Lehideux, VP, Messiers & Associés // Matthieu Candia, Partner, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei //​ Paul Noglows, Producer, Forbes & Crusonia //​ Fabienne Fourquet, CEO at 2btube //​ Yann Cohen-Addad, CCO, Fairlyne //​ Florent Cailliau, President, KAIO Consulting //​ Germain Dufossé, CEO, Item America //​ Romuald Derrible, President, Derrible Group  //​ Mel Assous //​ Inovexus

Get To Know Our Team

We are a small but fierce team of builders, harnessing the power of boxing to help people live fitter, grittier and happier lives!


Léo Desrumaux

Co-founder & CEO

Former private equity investor and investment banker turned entrepreneur.

Found his fighting spirit at 16 in the US through boxing, wrestling & MMA. Firm believer ever since 🥊

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Nicolas de Maubeuge

Co-founder & CTO

Fast-moving career in software and hardware engineering, building connected devices in LA & Paris for 9+ years.

First-responder. Self-made, explosion-prone, maker.
Always in for a sparring session or motorbike ride 🏍️

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Réda Rajraji

Experience Lead

Former Artistic Director & Graphic Designer turned Boxing & Muay Thai Trainer, turned Fitness Boxing Phenom.

Entrepreneurial spirit, on a constant journey of self-discovery & reinvention (when not trying to catch-up after Noa
on his bike) 🚲

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Stéphanie Heyse

Marketing Lead

Former team leader at Alpro & Danone,
moving too fast for FMCG

Yoga & fitness boxing Mom, with a natural & entrepreneurial eye to building on a customer-first vision, or sharing a beer from her Belgian roots 🍺

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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Former Lead Product Design & Delivery PM at Kaertech, with 8+ years of expertise developing consumer goods from ideation to industrialization.

Part gymnast. Part mechanical engineer. Part designer. Bends the laws of physics to his will, when not cooking or cruising at high-speed on his bike in Paris 🚴🏼‍♂️

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Hardware Engineer

Former Hardware Engineer at Devialet and Electrical Lead on the development of Gemini II

Techno DJ in a past life. Spins PCBs at the speed of sound. Loves cooking delicious dishes under the watchful eye of his cat & sous-chef Gustave. Ideal work environment: dark room & loud techno.

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Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Former Embedded Systems & Technical Leader at Parrot & Netgem, specialized in low level system programming, from firmware to middleware, passing by Kernel, driver and Posix layer

Bug-buster grand master. In a love affair with Linux (always say good things about Linux and bad things about Windows; never the contrary). Equipped with battle-hardened tech skills.

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Join The Team

We are building our founding tech team, looking for talented & hands-on developers and engineers to join us.


Your mastery of gameplay, UI & system video game development allows you to create engaging digital experiences.

You will designing the games & apps that define our user experience.

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From Paris & Austin, with love ❤️

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