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Our Mission

We are a stealth startup, on a mission to make the awesome power of boxing accessible to everyone at home.



Every Body 

Every Mind

Hear From Our Users

"I was surprised by the immersion. I did not think I could get so absorbed by the exercise."


Meet Our Institutional Investors

Meet Our Individual Investors

We are backed by a remarkable group of athletes, entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Nicolas Béraud, Founder & CEO, Betclic //​​ Jonathan Cherki, Founder & CEO, Content Square //​ Charles Gorintin, Co-founder & CTO, Alan //​ Benjamin Kayser, Partner, Teampact Ventures //​ Ciryl Gane, UFC Heavyweight Champion //​ David Gane, Risk & Compliance Strategy, Meta //​ Cyril Benzaquen, Kickboxing Champion //​ Jean Lafleur, Co-founder & COO, Airbyte //​ Christophe Raynaud, Co-founder, ISAI //​ Bertrand Picard, Co-founder & CEO, Natural Grass //​ Joan Burkovic, Co-founder & CEO, Bankin’ & //​ Marie-Anne Teissier, Co-founder, Neoness & Episod //​ Guillaume Sztejnberg, Founder & CEO, Green Panda Games //​ Jean-Yves Stephan, Co-founder & CEO, Data Mechanics //​ Jérôme Boé, Co-founder & CEO, Marmelapp //​ Gaël Fickou, Centre, Racing 92, XV de France player, Teampact //​ Melvyn Jaminet, Fullback, Stade Toulousain, XV de France player; Teampact //​ Julien Marchand, Talonneur, Stade Toulousain, XV de France player, Teampact //​ Romain Magri, Founder & CEO, Metafore //​ Ilias Hicham, Co-founder & CPO, Mindsay //​ Didier Kuhn, Partner, 50 Partners & Galion //​ Antoine Lescure, Partner, 50 Partners //​ Frédéric Liwer, Founder, ATID //​ Sylvain Bouchès, Head of Marketing France, Lego Group //​ Tristan Parr, Co-founder & COO, Punch Box Studio //​ David & Julien Zenou, Founders Ingénia //​ Hadrien Mollard, Co-founder & Partner, Oaklins //​ Kilian Barbier, M&A Associate, Oaklins //​ Konstantinos Kostis, Managing Director, Kostogri //​ Alexandre Tsouli, Co-founder & Partner, Letus //​ Jérémy Lapouge, Principal, Heritage Holdings //​ Pierre-Antoine Nonotte-Varly, Managing Director, Sienna Gestion //​ Thomas Fratacci, CFO, Sprim Global Investments //​ Maxime Kusak Depailler, M&A Partner, Wine Bankers Co //​ Ludovic Maulucci, Partner, Olma Capital //​ Guillaume Suarez, M&A Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch //​ Etienne Lehideux, VP, Messiers & Associés // Matthieu Candia, Partner, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei //​ Paul Noglows, Producer, Forbes & Crusonia //​ Fabienne Fourquet, CEO at 2btube //​ Yann Cohen-Addad, CCO, Fairlyne //​ Florent Cailliau, President, KAIO Consulting //​ Germain Dufossé, CEO, Item America //​ Romuald Derrible, President, Derrible Group  //​ Mel Assous //​ Inovexus

Get To Know Our Team

We are a small but fierce team of builders, harnessing the power of boxing to help people live fitter, grittier and happier lives!


Léo Desrumaux

Co-founder & CEO

Former private equity investor and investment banker turned entrepreneur.

Found his fighting spirit at 16 in the US through boxing, wrestling & MMA. Firm believer ever since 🥊

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Nicolas de Maubeuge

Co-founder & CTO

Fast-moving career in software and hardware engineering, building connected devices in LA & Paris for 9+ years.

First-responder. Self-made, explosion-prone, maker.
Always in for a sparring session or motorbike ride 🏍️

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Réda Rajraji

Experience Lead

Former Artistic Director & Graphic Designer turned Boxing & Muay Thai Trainer, turned Fitness Boxing Phenom.

Entrepreneurial spirit, on a constant journey of self-discovery & reinvention (when not trying to catch-up after Noa
on his bike) 🚲

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Stéphanie Heyse

Marketing Lead

Former team leader at Alpro & Danone,
moving too fast for FMCG

Yoga & fitness boxing Mom, with a natural & entrepreneurial eye to building on a customer-first vision, or sharing a beer from her Belgian roots 🍺

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Join The Team

We are building our founding tech team, looking for talented & hands-on developers and engineers to join us.


You're a builder, fueled by a passion for industrial design, mechatronics & NPI.

You will build the most tangible aspects of our experience.

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From Paris & Austin, with love ❤️

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